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Welcome at the R user group Groningen

You can create an account to edit this wiki if you have an email address with ''.

Feel encouraged to edit things here, or send Richel an email.

Email list

We have an intentionally low-traffic email list here.

It open to anyone (not just people from the university of Groningen).


Next meeting will be:

Friday March 31th 2017, 15:30-16:30 in 5431.0053 [*]

  • Herbert Kruitbosch: scientific code sharing
  • Thijs Janzen

The will be coffee at the start of the meeting. There will be a coffee break between the talks.

[*] Full address: SmitsBorg, Center for information technology, Nettelbosje 1, Zernike, Groningen. Room 5431.0053 is the Donald Smitszaal. When entering the building, go left.

Past meetings

See here

Topics for future meetings

Here you can suggest topics for future meetings, if you:

  • would like to request a topic to be discussed
  • would like to give a presentation about the topic

General topics

  • Create a minimal professional R package in at least 10 minutes (git, GitHub, tests, manual, vignette), by Richel Bilderbeek
  • Create an industry-strength R package from a package in at least 10 minutes (Travis CI, CodeCov, lintr), by Richel Bilderbeek
  • R coding standards, by Richel Bilderbeek
  • Test-drived development in R, by Richel Bilderbeek


Courses where R is used within the University of Groningen

Please also add the link to ocasys (

Material used in presentations

At the R-User-Group-Groningen GitHub you can find the presentations. We would have added it here, would this Wiki allows us.